The Greater Good

We take an honest look at making tough decisions and the consequences of avoiding them.

Lessons in life (& Business Analysis) from my daughter

Welcome to the world, Lady Nelson! We’re running the risk of turning into a parenting blog…

Lord Nelson

More lessons in life (and Business Analysis) from my Son.

We revisit some of the valuable life lessons our children teach us, ponder why children need so much room in bed, and talk about how Bluey is one of the best TV programmes ever.

Granit Xhaka and the Critical Feedback Conundrum

A view on the rise of social media, entitlement and facing abuse in the workplace.

Learning to Listen

We take a look at the importance and value of being able to listen to clients, colleagues and stakeholders (and also in keeping your 8-year old happy).

Lessons in life (& business analysis) I learned from my son.

Little ones can be the best teachers in life. Here’s some practical life lessons we thought we’d share gained from the wonderful world of parenting.

Business Analyst: The Act of Being

A view on the importance of qualifications as a Business Analyst, and the necessity of experience.

Me and You.

In this post, I thought I’d take the time to address mental health, wellness & mindfulness at work; something I believe is extremely important and which will potentially affect everyone at some point in their life and career, regardless of their experience or ability as a business analyst, or whatever vocation you may choose in life.

To be, or not to be (a BA)

I often get asked how I got started as a business analyst by others either starting out on their journey, or those looking to break into the world of business analysis. I like to think that it was a serendipitous moment which needed persistence, providence, perseverance and some other pithy alliterative adjectives which I really can’t think of as I write this at 5:45 in the morning. (Considering I’m not really a morning person, I’ve never understood why I can do my best and most creative writing between 1am and 5am.) This is a quick look at how I made it, and how others can too…