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Balancing your business analysis career and personal wellness can help you live a happier life.

The Way of the BA shows you ways to progress as a Business Analyst, and as a result, keep a healthy balance in your life outside of work.  It’s important to maintain and improve your mental and physical health both in and outside of work.

There are a lot of websites, books, blogs and other reference materials that can teach you techniques on what to do as a business analyst. In contrast, there are less resources available to guide you on how to be a BA.  One is just as important as the other, and The Way of the BA is dedicated to helping you to find your own path to BA balance.

This site will provide you with access to articles and posts so you can improve your business analysis career and wellness.  You can find and use established BA tools and resources, and get support for your business analysis career. 

Helping you balance your business analysis career

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