Templates and Tools for Business Analysis

There are many templates for business analysis documents and tools out there. These artefacts have a wide variety of styles and content to meet specific tasks, and there’s some excellent resources already available. Similarly, we wanted to provide some templates for business analysis documents and other resources for you here. Consequently, we’ve built these items based on our experience writing and producing documents over many years. They’re proven out in the field and have provided real world value across many client assignments.

A gift for you.

First of all, we’ve made these tools available to help business analysts. We know that not every client has established artefacts available. Also, it can be incredible frustrating not having consistency in documentation on your client assignment. That is, where business analysis documents exist at all! We want to make life easier for you, because we know how painful it can be to spend time searching for artefacts or having to create them from scratch. Many times documents have to be created on the fly, and can sometimes miss key attributes and content that could take your work from good to great. Hence, why we’ve made these core BA templates available to you.

These documents should help you employ the right tool for a particular aspect of your BA work.

Also, please email contact@thewayoftheba.co.uk for information on a Requirements Catalogue template.

Finally, you should know that this is in no way an exhaustive set of templates for business analysis documents. Above all, we aim to continue to expanding these resources over time.

Feedback & Suggestions

We’d love to hear your suggestions for improving the resources found here. So to provide feedback, or for further information, get in touch with us by email or in the forums. Furthermore, to request access to an artefact, please email contact@thewayoftheba.co.uk.