A Mind Set on Winning

Your thought life fuels your real life, so we talk about how to think better.

Business Analysis in a Post-Pandemic World

We share our views on how business analysis will fare in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic

Lessons in life (& Business Analysis) from my daughter

Welcome to the world, Lady Nelson! We’re running the risk of turning into a parenting blog…

A Brief Guide to Mind-mapping

We take a look at how to use mind mapping techniques for capturing information from clients

Lord Nelson

More lessons in life (and Business Analysis) from my Son.

We revisit some of the valuable life lessons our children teach us, ponder why children need so much room in bed, and talk about how Bluey is one of the best TV programmes ever.

The Way of the BA: An Introduction to User Stories & Epics

We take a look at the concepts of User Stories, Epics and Themes, and understand how they are used in project Discovery and solution design.

The Way of the BA: Dismantling the Ideal of the Perfectionist

We explore the ideal of perfectionism and the business analyst.

Granit Xhaka and the Critical Feedback Conundrum

A view on the rise of social media, entitlement and facing abuse in the workplace.

Learning to Listen

We take a look at the importance and value of being able to listen to clients, colleagues and stakeholders (and also in keeping your 8-year old happy).