Lessons in life (& Business Analysis) from my daughter

Welcome to the world, Lady Nelson! We’re running the risk of turning into a parenting blog…

Lord Nelson

More lessons in life (and Business Analysis) from my Son.

We revisit some of the valuable life lessons our children teach us, ponder why children need so much room in bed, and talk about how Bluey is one of the best TV programmes ever.

Granit Xhaka and the Critical Feedback Conundrum

A view on the rise of social media, entitlement and facing abuse in the workplace.

Lessons in life (& business analysis) I learned from my son.

Little ones can be the best teachers in life. Here’s some practical life lessons we thought we’d share gained from the wonderful world of parenting.

The Way of the BA: Understanding Requirements

This week, we guide you through the wonderful world of requirements, and how to identify, capture and manage them. Think of it as your Requirements 101 primer.